What is "Know Your Neighbours"?

"Know Your Neighbours" is a grass-roots community group in Seal, near Sevenoaks in Kent. The group is made up of anyone in the village who wants to get involved - individuals, clubs and societies, businesses, church and schools, parish council,and many others.
We organise local events through the year - fetes, street parties, Christmas events etc. - and we hold social gatherings, just so that people can get to "know their neighbours". There's no "committee" - anyone who turns up for meetings is welcome to help in any way they are able.
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE, OR BE ADDED TO THE EMAIL LIST, contact Marion Gilchrist , who coordinates the group, or Anne Le Bas, who maintains this blog.

Notes from meetings


Notes from KYN meeting April 26 2014

14 people were present.

Plans for Seal Fest with the Big Lunch 1 June 2014

1. Timings Sound crew arriving to set up from 10 am. Event to start at 12 noon and finish at 6.30pm

Outline programme:
12-1.30 – Music from 3 schools in Seal (Seal Primary, St Lawrence Primary and
 Sevenoaks prep)
1.30 – 2.15pm – Rampant Roosters Morris dancing. (to be confirmed on Monday – if not 
available other local Morris teams may fill in. 

2.15- 3.30 Acoustic sets

3.30 – 6.30 Rock Bands

2. Stands and Sideshows
Definite (ish)
Seal School Face Painting (TBC) and Barbeque
Seal Church Refreshments in the pavilion &Messy Church (craft activities)
Allotment Society Stall advertising allotments ( & Welly wanging? – TBC – Frances Fish?)
Seal History Society History Walk around the village (David Williams – Time needs to be confirmed and advertised.)
Seal Scouts, cubs and Beavers Children’s games

Provisional or suggested 
Tandoori Nights (hot food – has this been confirmed with John Miah?)
Beer Tent from local pub – Anna Linley to contact Five Bells and then other pubs in parish if 5 bells don’t want to do this.
Bouncy obstacle course – Nicky Harvey to check availability (Cost £195)
Ice cream van  - who do we have for fetes?

3. Marquees/ Gazebos
Craft activities and games – Scout tent
Barbeque – school bringing own tent.
Marquee for music. Our understanding is that this is being paid for by a grant from Sevenoaks Council. Nicky Harvey will check with Roddy Hogarth at the Seal Council meeting on Thurs May 1.
Marion had been offered a marquee at “mates rates” from http://www.mfmarquees.co.uk/  Has this been hired, Marion?
Music marquee to be put up in front of pavilion and just to the left, leaving steps free for access to pavilion – facing same direction as pavilion.

4. Advertising 
Jennifer Kent had designed a logo for Seal Fest, which would be made available for publicity. The Big Lunch have their own logo here, which can be used. http://www.thebiglunch.com/join-in/big-lunch-logos.php
Harriet Linley is designing posters, which will be emailed to the KYN list to be printed out and distributed wherever we can. 
A5 leaftlets will be distributed around village and through schools in book bags.
Roy Twiner will put up posters in supermarkets
a Facebook Events page has been set up.
Anna has publicised on Streetlife, Parish Council website etc.
Anne Le Bas is publicising through Church and will pass on details to other churches in parish.
Chronicle – Andrew Michaelides is continuing to publicise in Seal section.
Working party to makeover sails and banners from previous events. Anne Le Bas will obtain ripstop nylon for sails.

5. Licence and insurance. 
An events licence will be needed to cover the performance of music, whether or not alcohol is sold. This needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. Nicky Harvey to contact Lee-ann Leeds 
Insurance needs to be obtained 
Jill Myers has sorted this out in the past. Could she do so for this, please?

6. Parking
Seal School is happy for school to be used for parking. No parking on the rec except for bands etc. Space must be left for ambulance to access rec. Notices needed to direct people to school for public parking, and marshalls in high-vis jackets to direct people down School Lane and Zambra Way.
Roy Twiner has offered to co-ordinate parking.

7. Volunteers are needed:
Cake baking for refreshments
People to set up stage etc and take down at end of day
Parking marshalls
Bouncy obstacle course attendants
It is assumed that those running stalls/activities will provide their own personpower.

8. Finance
“Audiocrew” have been hired to provide the sound system for the event at a cost of £322.00, which includes delivery and the sound man for 8 hours.  Anna Linley has paid a £50 deposit for this. This would be reimbursed from Seal Village Association funds.

9. Next meetings: Sunday May 11 at 3pm in church hall
Working party in church hall to remake Olympic “sails” and banners 
and any other publicity material
suggested dates :
Sunday May 11 @4pm following on from KYN meeting (my preference)
Saturday May 10 – any time.
Friday May 23 evening

Notes From KYN Meeting February 2nd 2012.
1.       The petition and slips from The Advertiser have been sent to Kent |Fire Services HQ. Thanks to all who helped out with this.

2.       Diamond Jubilee Celebrations:-

There will be a Bring and Share Lunch on the recreation ground as agreed at the last KYN meeting on Sunday June 3rd. KYN will run a bar and activities for the children. We will also serve teas in the pavilion.
Peter reported that Seal Village Associstion has £3,500 in the account and we would be able to use some of this for any set up costs.
Marion has an application form for the WKE Linda Hogan Trust, which is awarding grants of up to £250 for local community DJ celebrations. It was agreed to find some form of entertainment for the children if we could access this. Please send in your ideas.
We are short of bunting now, so it was agreed to purchase some more red, white and blue material and tape and organise a bunting making session in the spring.

3.       Olympic Torch:-
On July 20th, the torch will be brought through the village.
Ana Linley has updated us on Seal Parish Council’s plans to celebrate this. 4 local primary schools, Seal CEP, Seal St Lawrence, Weald and Kemsing Primary Schools will be bringing the children to see the torch come through, and for a picnic and inter school sports event on the recreation  ground. SPC will provide hot dogs for the children of these schools which will be cooked by Coldbreath’s Butchers. The butcher will also be providing a hog roast outside the shop before the torch comes through. Tandoori Nights will also be selling food on the recreation ground for those of us who won’t pass as school children. They will be providing a vegetarian option as well. The Village Hall will be open for teas possibly provided by Seal Over 60’s.
Residents that were around to see the torch come through the village in 1948, will be treated as VIPs for the day.
KYN has agreed to sell teas from the Pavillion for this event.
There should be around 600 children from the schools present, along with many parents.

It was pointed out by the KYN group, that there are many children who live in the village, who do not attend any of the 4 schools, who will also be present. The independant schools break up before this date, and will inevitably be there, along with others whose parents have already said they will be bringing their children out of other local schools early to witness this historic event. We therefore feel we should make some provision for them by way of skill based activities – Beat the Goalie etc.
It was suggested we ask for a meeting with SPC and the schools to discuss how else we can assist in any way.

4.       It was agreed there will be no Fete this year as there is quite a lot going on already.

5.       We discussed the Christmas Event, and it was suggested we hold some sort of carol singing event maybe on the first Saturday afternoon of December. We will discuss this in more depth later in the year, but would value your views please.

6.       Know Your Neighbours  - Get To Know Your Neighbours sessions for introduction to new members:-

7.       Historically, we have held all these sessions in the evenings. It is felt this excludes some people, and we discussed holding a couple of afternoon sessions in the \Church Hall and one in the Village Hall on a Saturday morning. These will take place in March and September – dates to be confirmed later.

8.       At the last KYN session, it was suggested we run a games evening – maybe reproducing ‘What’s My Line’ or similar. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

9.       On Saturday February 11that 7pm,  Mark Anstis will be holding a quiz night in aid of Help The Heros. Please try and support this. The cost is £5 per head, to include a Ploughmans’ Supper. There will also be a great raffle.

10.   Over the Christmas period, Ben Gilchrist lost a young friend, Tom,  to meningitis. Obviously, this has had a devastating effect on family and friends. Ben and  Tom’s brother are running the London Marathon for the Meningitis Trust. If you feel you can help by making a donation to this trust, please subscribe to www.virginmoneygiving.com/26fortom.

There has been no date set yet for the next meeting, but I will send you all an e mail as soon as this has been arranged. In the meantime, please send in your ideas for the following:-
Childrens’ activities for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
The Christmas Event for 2012.
Also, please let me know if you would like to help with making bunting, help with the refreshments on June 3rd and July 20th.

Many Thanks,


There were only 6 people in attendance.

1.    It was suggested that a Seal Village Association (formerly Charter Fayre) meeting be called early in the New Year to which local organisations could submit applications for grants.

2.    A simple Know Your Neighbours generic poster, which anyone could print off, altering the dates, to advertise coming meetings, or display in cars etc was suggested. We feel that we aren’t visible enough locally, and that we particularly need to advertise planning meetings. A poster is attached.
Please use it to publicise meetings wherever you can!


3.    Christmas posters were distributed and will be put up in strategic locations.  A copy is attached – please print out copies to display wherever you can – the more people see it the more likely it is that awareness of the event will drip into people’s consciousness.

4.    Anne to check with school arrangements for Christmas event

5.    Stalls. There are currently 15 stalls, mostly from local organisations, who have booked space in the church, plus a BBQ and Bar outside the church and in the porch respectively.

6.    Father Christmas. Andy has been asked. If he cannot be Santa in church as well as school Dave Martin is being volunteered! Nicky Harvey has lucky dips for small presents for those visiting Santa.

7.    Helpers are still needed for the 5 church stalls. Anne Le Bas to twist arms.

8.    We have decided not to offer parents chance to  buy photos of children with Santa as it will be difficult to organise, unlikely to make much money and most people will have cameras on mobiles.

9.    Cubs had put up the Gazebos to find out how many complete ones we have. There were 4 complete Gazebos, and 2 sets of poles without covers. These are now under the stage in the church hall.


10.  There was a common feeling that it might not be as practical as we had thought to combine a fete and street party for the Jubilee. As there would be many events going on over that weekend we felt it might be hard to attract outside stall holders/rides etc. It was also half-term, so the school might not want to do BBQ etc., and people might use the long weekend to get away or visit family. The “official” plans for the Jubilee weekend advocate having a “big lunch” on Sunday June 3, and we felt that a “bring and share” street party on Sunday June 3, like that we had for the Royal Wedding would be more “do-able”.
We are aware that there weren’t many people at this meeting, so if others on the list strongly disagree, please say so asap!

11.  There have been suggestions nationally that churches might host beacons on church towers. Ecclesiastical Insurance, who insure most churches, have refused to insure these, however, (the fire risk, and the difficulty of access for emergency services etc…). Seal church isn’t planning to host a beacon.


12.  The torch is coming through Seal Village on Friday July 20th – precise time unknown, but we think it is in the afternoon. This is the last day of Seal School’s year, and the school are likely to be coming out to watch the torch coming through. The Parish Council are also involved in planning for celebrations. We discussed possibilities as KYN for doing something
·         On the Rec? (so that we can all get quickly to the side of the road when the torch appears)
·         Games and picnic? (Welly throwing etc.)
·         Encouraging those in Johnson’s court/ Knox court/Seal house etc to come along?
            Anne will keep in touch with the school and parish council.

13.  Fete 2012 ? – much discussion about load for organising/setting up/clearing falling on a dwindling band. Feels like too much hard work if we are also doing Jubilee and Torch. (However, it is a good fundraiser).  Doing fete and Christmas event feels definitely like too much! We reminded ourselves that KYN was not meant to be solely or mainly an event organising group, but was started to find as many ways as possible of fostering a sense of community.


As all those present at this meeting were from the church, and there were no evenings between now and Dec 2 on which we could meet, we decided to have a meeting to coordinate church stalls on Sunday Nov 20 after 10 am service (11 am ish) in church. If anyone wants clarification on any other aspects of the Christmas events, please get in touch.

Date for next KYN meeting to be arranged in the New Year.

Notes From Know Your Neighbours Meeting Thurs Oct 20th 2011

  1. We agreed to attach the petition for the proposed closure of Seal Fire Station to the circulation list so that everybody wishing to get involved, can add as many names as possible to the list.

  1. It was agreed to amalgamate the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations with Seal Village Fete. MG will check the date of the bank holiday and book the tables and chairs from Seal Village Hall and Seal Church hall. These will be set out in ‘street party style’ but food will be sold to anybody wishing to participate from stalls organised by local organisations. The fete will run along-side this event as usual.


This will take place from 5pm on Friday December 2nd.
The school children will be organised by Linda Montgomery. They will leave the school at 5pm, and process to the village for carol singing.
There probably won’t be too many commercial stalls in Church this year, but there will be more opportunity for local organisations to hold stalls and stands.
Father Christmas will have a grotto in the bell tower as last year.
We will provide opportunities for people to buy photographs of their children with Father Christmas.
The Church will run a BBQ and bar for refreshments. (The Church Events Committee will meet on Thursday 27th October to plan their stalls. For more information, please contact Maggie Fox)
There will be a continuation f some impromptu carol singing in Church.
Chris has designed some posters advertising this event and we will get them up around the village, to local schools as flyers, and other local establishments as soon as possible.
Jo has offered to ask around local businesses for donations of gifts and prizes for a raffle.


The next meeting will take place in Seal Church Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 10th November. Please feel free to join us to plan this event.


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