What is "Know Your Neighbours"?

"Know Your Neighbours" is a grass-roots community group in Seal, near Sevenoaks in Kent. The group is made up of anyone in the village who wants to get involved - individuals, clubs and societies, businesses, church and schools, parish council,and many others.
We organise local events through the year - fetes, street parties, Christmas events etc. - and we hold social gatherings, just so that people can get to "know their neighbours". There's no "committee" - anyone who turns up for meetings is welcome to help in any way they are able.
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE, OR BE ADDED TO THE EMAIL LIST, contact Marion Gilchrist , who coordinates the group, or Anne Le Bas, who maintains this blog.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Sept 21st - Keep the date!

Seal's Village Fete takes place this year on Saturday September 21st, with lots of stalls, activities and fun on offer. All it needs to be a success is people! We need people to come on the day, of course, but also to offer to man stalls, set up and clear away, bake cakes and tray bakes for the afternoon teas, provide prizes for the tombola and bottles of wine for the "Water and Wine" stall etc... If you can help, please contact Marion Gilchrist on 01732 763727. Donations can be brought to the vicarage or to a Sunday service, but please don't leave them in church when no one's there, in case they go missing!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Notes from the planning meeting Aug 15

Notes From Know Your Neighbours Fete Planning Meeting Thursday August 15th
Present:- Anne Le Bas, Nicky Harvey, Eleanora, Jo Argyle, Peter Mountfield, Chris Rampton, Maggie Fox and Marion Gilchrist.

Update from last meeting:-
Creed Outdoor Learning have confirmed they will attend and we have a copy of their PL Insurance. They will man this themselves and give a donation from their takings.
Grenville Allen has had to decline.
Andrews have not responded to having an advertising banner yet.
Fox Archery have had to back out due to lack of people to run the event.
Sevenoaks Boxing have also had to pull out.
Chris has not yet heard from Gymboree – to be contacted.
We will not go ahead with Sunflower Lettings boards due to lack of response.
We now have several lots for the silent auction, but still need more.
Ben Colnett is providing the PA system and music.
Due to lack of response from various contacts, we will not be having the dog show this year.
The extra evidence for the Public Liability Insurance now is ready to send off.
We discussed the banner and agreed to have one made just advertising Village  Fete Here Saturday with KYN logo and transferable dates.
Robert Martin is bringing his hog roasting machine.
Sally still has to contact Rafferty’s, The Vine, Tesco and Sainsbury’s for donations of prizes or auction lots.
No news as yet from Anna about the boot camp organisers.
Peter has approached Seal Chart Studios, but we won’t hear until they return at the beginning of September.
Marion will e mail Radio Kent, KFM, and Around Sevenoaks to place ads.
Eleanora will e mail The Vine.
David Williams is changing the dates on the roadside boards and will contact Marion when they are ready for collection.
Nicky will ask the school if we can still use the playground for parking.
We decided not to have a programme printed this time, but to have a large display board on the Pavillion showing the programme of events and thanking people who have supported,. They will then be thanked through The Local Advertiser and The Chronicle.
KYN stalls will include Tombola, Bottle Stall, and a cake stall if we have sufficient after the Tea stall has taken what are needed.
Chris will make some doggy bags containing the bandannas and other bits.
Chris will send the posters to us electronically, now that we know there is no dog show.

We still need more people to offer to man stalls on the day.
We still need more offers of help to set up and clear away on the day.
We still need people to encourage anybody to hold commercial stalls.
We still need people to find donations of good auction lots.
We will also need some help on Saturday 14th September from 10 – 11am, to put up some bunting and the banner.

As always, many thanks to those of you who came along this evening. We will meet again just 3 times before the event:-
Thursday 5th September 7.30pm Church Hall
Thursday 12th September 7.30pm Church Hall
Thursday 19th September 7.30pm Church Hall.
Please do join us or e mail me if you can assist but not make the meetings.
Many Thanks,